How A Wife & Mother Of Two Young Kings Got Her First $3k Client In Less Than 3 Weeks

How A Wife & Mother Of Two Young Kings Got Her First $3k Client In Less Than 3 Weeks

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Running your own business isn’t a walk in the park – and neither is raising and running a family. For many moms, starting a business and becoming a ‘mompreneur’ means creating a better life for their kids and family as a whole.

In today’s show, you’re going to hear an inspiring story of how one mom used a mix of intelligence, creativity and sheer determination to create the ultimate freedom lifestyle business.

Here Are The Highlights:
– The genuine reason why moms become ‘mompreneurs’ ([1:40])
– A BIG problem with most online courses ([4:30])
– How to choose the right coach or mentor for you ([7:30])
– Why a lack of systems is stunting your lifestyle business goals ([13:40])
– Why THIS should be your business model – and NOT money ([13:40])


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