Ask Yourself These Q’s To Attract More Clients Now

Every week, I spend a ton of time reviewing marketing content from people on planet CAU… 

Time and time again – one of the most common mistakes I see is people don’t get specific enough with WHO they’re talking to. 

They don’t have a REAL person in mind.

So whenever they create their marketing content…

It’s like they’re talking to “nobody”… 

Which means “nobody” really responds. 

And the people who do always seem to be bad fits. 

So the question is… 

How do you get clear on WHO you’re talking to? 

Start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • What does a “day in their life” look like?
  • What is the pain my potential client is in (the pain they are going through right now without my program or service)?
  • What pain do I solve? (ideally what do things look like after they get my program or service)?

And maybe the most important question…

What’s THEIR ideal OUTCOME? 

Answer those questions… 

Reflect what you find in your marketing content…

And it becomes almost impossible to NOT start attracting your perfect clients.

For some folks… 

That tip will probably be enough. 

But I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that this is just ONE part of how we legally (and ethically) take strangers off the street and have them EXCITED to hand over $3k – $10k+… 

…When they barely knew who we were a few days, weeks, or months before. 

The cool thing is? 

ANYONE can use our 3-step method to stuff their own bank account full of cash if they have some kind of expertise or knowledge.

I briefly touched on step 1 in this blog post… 

But there’s a LOT more where that came from at our Millionaire Expert Live event. 

Over a single day… 

You can “download” everything I know about attracting your perfect clients and turning them into $3k – $10k paychecks, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Best part? 

You can grab a seat for $0 down right now! 

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