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Who Is Client Attraction University?

Client Attraction University is a movement for successful coaches, consultants and other service based business owners to reach more people, change more lives, and build wildly profitable businesses.

Founded in 2016 by coaches, we've worked with 1,000s of coaches, consultants and other service based businesses…

Have become one of the fastest growing companies in America (according to Inc. Magazine)...

And helped our clients generate over $1 Billion in revenue. We've accomplished this through our proprietary Automatic Selling System™ & Wealthy Black CEO Business Model.

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Our Mission at Client Attraction University

I started Client Attraction University with the mission to help 1,000,000 Black Entrepreneurs add an extra $1,000,000 to their annual revenue.

Here’s why…

According to the Urban Institute, the average net worth of African Americans is $19,049 compared to $130,472 for Whites.

That’s embarrassing, especially knowing all of the genius and skills we have in our community…

…and it pissed me off to the point where I had to do something about it!

Helping 1,000,000 Black Entrepreneurs make $1 Million per year would add an extra $1 Trillion to the BLACK COMMUNITY, which would in turn create more jobs, opportunity and wealth in the black community.

When I got into the marketing and business education industry there were only older white guys teaching the marketing stuff, and I didn’t see anyone I really resonated with, however I knew if I could get the information and simplify it, I’d have the keys to free my people

…and this created the VISION of Client Attraction which is to be the world’s most results-based business school, where entrepreneurial education is made universally accessible & useful.

To date we’ve helped our clients (99% black) create over $1 Billion in revenue and we’re just getting warmed up.

- Dr. Marquel Russell

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