Client Attraction Memo – Issue #15

Candid Conversations with our Client Attraction Connoisseurs June 2022

Each month we give you insight into our business, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, give some insight into what we’ve learned from our clients. Plus, so much more…

In this month’s Candid Conversation we dived into the conversation of what has been working really well, or not, for our clients!

Let us know your thoughts on this month’s candid conversation with our Client Attraction Connoisseurs!

Million Dollar Insights 

Each Tuesday we conduct live streams inside of our Facebook Group, Get Clients Daily. The live streams are free coaching sessions to help you build a 7-Figure coaching business.
I want to share one of our favorite live streams from this month.

7 Simple Things To Do To GUARANTEE You Hit Your Revenue Goals For The Second Half Of 2022

Also, we have our School of Client Attraction Podcast’ that goes live every Monday on all major podcast platforms and our YouTube channel.

One of the most downloaded episodes for this month was “Why Selling Coaching is Better Than Selling Courses”.

As entrepreneurs, we love leverage. It lets us make more money with less effort. Pretty cool, right?

It’s why so many of us love online courses. You build the course once then you’ve got an asset you can lever forever. It’s almost like getting free money.

But even if your course is great, only a small fraction of your customers get results.

And if your course isn’t driving results… it’s not entrepreneurship. It’s theft.

In this episode, you’ll discover why selling coaching is better than selling courses – for your clients and for your income.

Listen now and find out how to make more money while making a positive impact on the world.

Take a listen here.

If you have been connected to our content, you know we post a video every single day.

This month, my Million Dollar Insight comes from How Netflix Lost 200,000 Customers In ONE Week!!.

This is how Netflix lost 200,000 customers in ONE week‼️ Avoid making the same mistake!… watch this video.

I want to share it with you in case you missed it.

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