Don’t Let Digital Charlatans and Gurus Fool You

I want to share something with the entrepreneurs who are reading this post and are trying to figure this “online marketing thing” out…

Don’t let these internet marketing “gurus” and charlatans fool you into believing that buying their latest and greatest “traffic course” or software is the answer to your online money making woes.

What I’ve found is that while traffic is a “sexy buzz word” online, traffic is typically the least of your worries.

Let me put it this way…

“You got 99 Problems, but traffic ain’t one!”

Here’s what I mean…

Most people online are broke because they are in a perpetual cycle of confusion and overwhelm because they are learning (well going through courses acting like they’re learning) how to drive traffic…

…but the rest of their business is fundamentally broken!

They focus so much on traffic and so little on their offer and their marketing system to actually attract their DREAM clients who are already looking for their offer.

YES, people are already looking for your offer…so you don’t have to go find them or “try” to “get” traffic, because it’s already there.

You just have to tighten up your offer and create what I like to call “A Godfather Offer™” and then…

…create a simple system that automates your lead generation and client attraction system (we call this an Client Attraction Made Easy system)

Once you have those two things in place…

You can turn on the traffic and you won’t have any fear of even investing in paid traffic because your revenue will be predictable and you will have certainty that ever dollar you invest you make a predictable amount of profit.

You show me someone with a Godfather Offer™ and a system to automate their lead generation and client acquisition and I’ll show you someone with a 7-Figure or even 8-Figure business.

This had me shackled and bound for many many many years, so hopefully this brought some clarity or helped someone in some way.

If you’d like some assistance putting this in place so you can enroll High Paying, Dream Clients with ease, grab your ticket to our Client Attraction Made Easy Virtual Bootcamp. The link is in the comments below.

To More Profit, Freedom & Impact,

Marquel Russell 🙂

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