How to Write Powerful, Profitable Copy that Converts Curious Prospects into Clients!

Despite what many new marketers and copywriters believe, good marketing copy is not filled with lots of adjectives and adverbs.


Good copy is driven by verbs. Good verbs. Action verbs. 

Verbs which appeal to one or more of the senses.

Some verbs are weak, dead. 

They’re static, they convey no movement. No emotion.

We want to cut these and replace them with action verbs.

“Bob was behind the counter.”

Dead. No picture. No movement.

What was Bob doing behind the counter? How did Bob feel?

“Bob hid behind the counter.”

“Bob paced behind the counter.”

“Bob hovered behind the counter.”

“Bob readied himself behind the counter.”

Here, with these verbs, we have more of a picture. And more movement. More action.

But, choosing action verbs for your copy is only one step. 

Actually, the second step.

The first step is to decide the feeling or emotion or perspective you’re trying to paint in the prospect’s mind.

If, let’s say, you’re trying to convey how quickly your product works, you want to make sure you choose an action verb which demonstrates speed.

If you’re trying to convey how simple it is to use your product, you want to choose an action verb which demonstrates ease.

It all begins with what you want to convey to your prospect… and what you want them to think and feel.

“Bob eased into the situation.”

“Bob leaped into the situation.”

Same sentence. Two different verbs. Two different pictures were created.

Get it?


Marquel Russell

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