This Is The Math

Getting a business to 7 figures is not a matter of knowing the final marketing and sales secret you’ve been missing all this time…

It’s really a matter of psychology and math.

  1. The psychology of your leads and buyers. What’s their pain, what are their desires, what are they fed up with, what’s happening in their lives that makes your solution timely right NOW?
  2. Business math. You almost always have to spend money to get money.

With a proper system, you can put $1 in and get $3 out (on the conservative side.)

So, if you want to get to $1,000,000 out you may have to put $300,000 in.

Do you think that’s “a lot?” Do you think that’s “scary?” … 

Why? It’s just a math problem.

  1. Your own psychology as well.

How many here believe you can make $30,000 a week? (that’s a 7-figure+ business btw)

Are other businesses making $30,000 a week?

Are other businesses making $30,000 a day?

Are other businesses making $30,000 an hour?

Are other businesses making $30,000 a minute? 

Why not yours?

You have the same capacities and the same level of genius.

The same God created all of us in the same image.

That’s why your own psychology comes into play, righ?

We are as capable as anyone to make as much as we want.

We just have to decide to step into it, make sense?

It’s not an information gap.

For some people it might be an information gap. But you know we share anything and everything, so there’s no information gap if you’re here and show up.

7 figures is “just” psychology and math.

We just decided to step into it at the end of the day.


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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