You’re Leaving Money On The Table!

If you’re not following up with prospects, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Lemme explain …

Sometimes, it takes folks a while to get to the buying stage.

For instance, At Client Attraction University, we have clients who had been in our database for years before they finally decided to reach out.

That’s why it’s best to stay top of mind … you want people to consider you

when they’re ready to buy.

Aim to stay on people’s radar by putting out valuable content and following up with them every day – through email, social media videos, retargeting ads, and more.

Bottom line: The fortune is in the follow-up. If you put out daily content, people will see your consistency and will reach out when they’re ready.

Now listen,

I know it takes a lot of work to constantly follow up with people, but that’s why you want to automate as much as possible.

I can teach you exactly how to do this during our The Wealthy Black Coach™ 5-Day Business Sprint,

where I’ll give you a Personal Blueprint to attracting and enrolling 5 High-Caliber Clients every single week on complete autopilot!

Here’s the best part -> I’ll cover your ticket 😉+


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To More Profit, Freedom & Impact,

Marquel Russell 🙂

“King of Client Attraction”

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