2 Rules To Never Lose Money On Ads

A common roadblock people have when running ads is being scared that they are going to lose 💰 on them…

So, I want to give you two rules that guarantee you can run ads profitably.


Rule #1:  Always have a high-ticket offer.

A high-ticket offer is one where people give you 3-10 grand or more for your service of guidance.

It doesn’t have to be your frontend offer though. I know many people have a $$ eBook, or a $$$ course, but at least there should be SOME way where people can spend thousands with you.

This part is critical because, even though we’re pretty good at running ads and get crazy ROIs month after month, sometimes we try new things that don’t work out of the gate…

… But ain’t nobody tripping around here because the overall math — money in vs money out — is always positive.


Make sense?

So, let’s assume you have a $3k program, and that you can get two people a month to enroll organically with you.

Now you keep one as profit, and invest the other one on ads.

$3k is a good $100/day budget to start with ads, and if you implement the 5x5x25 method (reply if you don’t have it)… those ads should bring in even more clients… snowballing  your revenue, and snowballing what you can spend on ads.

Even if those ads don’t work, and you still enroll two people next month organically, having the high-ticket offer allows you to get funds to fine tune your campaigns and go at it another month.

Rule #2: Don’t forget Rule #1.


I mean it. And I’m sorry if this is not a tactical trick you wanted to hear: “Say this” or “Target this segment,” or “Run this in the newsfeed.”

It’s really a math trick and a business principle:

“You don’t get a client to get paid. You get a client to fund getting more clients.”

Understand that 👆and you’ll be on your way to become a real entrepreneur.

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Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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