21 Things You Don’t Know About Me….

21 Things You Don’t Know About Me….

So as we are going to be spending a bit of time together – I wanted to share with you some super quick facts about me so we can get to know each other more…

And below this list  –  I’d like to encourage you to share something about yourself too.

So – without further ado – here are 21 things you don’t know about me.

1. When I didn’t have cable, I used to watch the movie, Coming to America over and over again.

2. I co-wrote and directed a movie called “Breaking The Cycle.” It’ll be coming out soon. Here’s the trailer…


3. I stayed up a few nights in a row to write my first book “Breaking The Cycle.”

4. I get up at 5am most days

5. I start the day with a green smoothie (after my exercise)

6. The first album I ever bought was “All Eyez on Me” by 2pac. I was only 16 years young when it came out, so I had to get someone in the mall to buy it for me.

7. Growing up I used to watch Saved by the Bell and Family Matters (well I used to call it “Urkel”) before school.

8. I got cut from the basketball team in 10th grade (and everyone thought I was lying LOL).

9. I played a sport called Team Handball in middle school (and was really good at it).

10. I used to have an insane basketball card collection.

11. I got fired from Applebee’s when I was like 19 because the guy who washed dishes told that I wasn’t working hard enough (last time I checked, the guy who told on me was still working their).

12. My favorite business book(that I can recall), is Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk.

13. I have a sister and brother that I’ve never met (on my dad’s side).

14. I used to have a HUGE fear of public speaking.

15. I bought my first car(Delta 88), when I was 16, from a check from a tele-marketing job my mom had put me on.

16. I’ve had 2 cars repossessed.

17. I was in a fashion show in 3rd grade.

18. I used to be on the Honor Roll through elementary and middle school.

19. I started my coaching and training company, Infinite Success University, for a few hundred bucks now we’re on the fast track to building a billion dollar enterprise.

20. I was broke when I married my beautiful queen (my mom literally put up most of the money and I had to go to work the next day lol)

21. I’ve never worked a job more than 6 months.


OK — so that’s me.

Now it’s your turn….!

Tell me something about yourself in the Comments area below!

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