3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Sell Premium Coaching

Selling premium priced $3K-$10k offers is a beautiful thing when it’s done right..

Most people get sold on this business model, shoot their shot, fail and then go right back to the old ‘non profitable’ way of doing business online…

…which is selling cheap courses and dealing with headache customers who will never follow-through and get results.

WHY do they fail??

Well it’s pretty simple…

It’s simply because they can’t attract the right kind of clients that can afford their products or services that are priced at $3,000 or more…

Here’s some tips to keep in mind if you’re struggling to sell at the $3k-$10k level…

#1: Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs

When you get on calls automatically assuming that people can’t afford to work with you, you carry a certain spirit, creating a certain energy and you are constantly in “introvert” mode.

Understand that the Average American can get access to $3-$10k if you have something they really need.

Heck, they do it all the time.

A friend of mine showed me a website a few weeks ago where women were spending over $4,000 for hair weaves.

Also, when there’s that car they like or that college that they want to attend, they always find a way to get the money. People can afford what they want to afford. Always remember that!

#2: Stop Being Broke Minded Yourself

Listen, if you don’t invest in yourself, the Universe, God, Spirit or whatever you believe in knows this and your hypocrisy will be exposed.

Simply put, stop trying to get people to do what you don’t do in real life.

You should be an avid investor in YOURSELF, constantly growing, expanding, becoming better and you’re going to automatically attract the same kind of people.

It’s always fascinating to me when people tell me they want to learn how to attract clients that pay them $5,000 or more and then turn around and use the same lips to say that they thought they could learn how to do it for a couple hundred bucks. LOL!!

Broke Mindedness = Broke Clients

#3 Stop Focusing On The Money

I know this may sound crazy, so let me explain…

When you do business with an intent to only make money, that’s the type of vibe you give off and people will not do business with you.

Your focus should be on truly helping your prospects and having a mind to even turn down clients that aren’t a good fit to work with you.

Do business with integrity and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

That’s all for now…

Talk Soon,

​Marquel Russell

King of Client Attraction

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