How Courtney Did Over $28k In Only 60 Days

How Courtney Did Over $28k In Only 60 Days

Have there been times in your entrepreneurship journey when you questioned whether you should continue?

One of our clients, Courtney, was at that point.

Before working with us, she told me she would secretly apply to jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed…

(Even after 5 years in business!).

The problem was even though she was an expert, she didn’t have a predictable or systematic way to generate leads.

And there were some feast or famine months because often she didn’t know where her next client was coming from.

So, when she joined our program, she was beyond ready to turn her business around…

And she did exactly that.

Within just 30 days of working with us, Courtney generated $12,000 in sales.

And in just 60 days she’s generated over $28,000.

The crazy part is, she’s created this momentum after 4x’ing her prices!

Plus, we’re just getting warmed up.

I’m talking to Courtney about the #1 secret she used to get those amazing results so quickly and how she’s already crushed one of her 2020 goals 90 days ahead of schedule.

Do You Prefer Video? If So, Here You Go! Enjoy…

What is your #1 goal right now?

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