Crushing One Of America’s Biggest Myths

One of the biggest myths that we have in America today (and probably worldwide) is that SOMEONE ELSE is responsible for our success. 

Or that we’re ENTITLED to have success just because we exist…

And that there’s someone out there – somewhere – that should MAKE SURE we have it. 


Hate to say it my friend… 

But it’s just. not. true. 

And unfortunately? 

It never will be. 

We are ALL responsible for where we are in life right now. 

Because where we are is just a product of our habits and our decisions up until this point. 

I think on some level we ALL know that?

But only the people who are WILLING to take 100% responsibility for where they are will EVER reach their goals. 

Because without being willing to do that… 

It’s just TOO EASY to sit blaming someone else. 

(It’s no wonder 99% of the world do this every day in YouTube and Facebook comments)

So the questions is: 

Are YOU personally willing and ready to take 100% responsibility for where you AND your family are right now? 

Because if you are… 

You’ve already got a HUGE head start on most people out there. 

And you have the same mindset as ALL our most successful students. 

So I’m 100% sure you’ll crush it with us here at CAU. 

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Marquel Russell

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