Degrees On The Wall Are NOT Money

I want you to meet Dr. Viola Pierce

She helps nurses create a new income stream aside from their normal practice. (Talk about a specific niche!)


And I want you to hear from her how a Client Attraction System can benefit literally ANYONE, as long as they have a specific expertise and want to monetize it. 👇

“When I came into Client Attraction University, I had a doctoral degree, but I knew that I was not making the money that I needed to make… even in that space.

I was getting burnout and there was just no point! Right?

I did have a baseline program, but then I wasn’t able to consistently attract clients… And if you don’t have any clients, you don’t have any business. Right?

So when you came on and talked about automating client attraction, and holding my hand through the process, I was like ‘oh, that’s what I need right now!’

Now, I want to be very clear, and I want you to hear what I’m saying…

I came on in September, 2021… And in four months I made what I made the entire last year at my regular job.

I’m telling you nothing but the truth! Today, I just closed the entire last year’s salary. So, this year, I will make three times my salary from last year.

Next year? It’ll be a million.”



Click the video above to hear it directly from her… 👆🏿

… But I think she was VERY clear! 

She made in 4 months what she used to make in 12! 


If that ain’t “Rapid Business Growth” I don’t know what is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you’re open to similar results, join the “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint”

Hope to see you there,


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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