Does This Make Sense To You?

I’m wondering if you’d be willing to hang out with me this April 16th for the whole morning?

Let’s see if it would make sense for you too…

It would make sense if you need help with attracting your ideal clients, monetizing your knowledge, dialing in your message, closing high-ticket sales with greater ease.


It would make a whole lotta sense…

… if you’d like practical exercises to price your program for scale AND impact, to create your own Godfather offer, and to reframe some limiting beliefs around money.

… if you’ve been on and off the revenue rollercoaster, and the thought of it being the same in 2022 sends chills up your spine because you can’t stand “feast and famine” anymore.

It would make absolute sense…

… if you know these are problems you want to fix! but you don’t want to do it over several weeks…

… and you’d much rather spend 5 hrs with me and Dre (my business partner) for breakthroughs and CLARITY over these problems in just ONE MORNING.


I don’t know…

It takes a strong person to be present and focused for 5 hrs straight, with tunnel-vision for creating MOMENTUM for their business.

It takes a brave person to look at 2022 in the eyes, with everything that’s going on, and confidently say BRING IT ON!

If that’s you, then this will make 100% sense for you!

>>> RSVP: The “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” LIVE Bootcamp


In ONE morning, get the only system required to rapidly grow your expert business, and attract clients daily, that happily pay premium princess with virtually no sales resistance.

It’ll be on a Saturday morning, April 16th 📆

It’ll be fun, and it’ll be powerful!

Look forward to seeing you there,


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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