From High School Dropout to THIS

If you’re hungry for success, you gotta read this…

You might not know this, but I dropped outta school in the 10th grade.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t “learning” anything like most kids would tell you…

It was that I wanted to start selling drugs.


Not my proudest moment.

But I saw the kinda life people around me were living when they started selling drugs…

And at that age?

All I knew was that I wanted the same kind of “success”.

And the only people around me making that kinda money were slingin’ drugs.

So I wanted to do the same.

I started off small.

Then after a lot of trial and error…

And a lot of dangerous situations I shouldn’t have put myself in…

My “business” started to grow.

By this point, my only dream was to be the biggest drug kingpin in America.

But then at 19 years young…

My whole world stopped.

Because my first son was born.

And around the same time, I ended up in jail.

I remember saying to myself…

“My dad wasn’t in my life. And if I keep going down the path I’m on right now, I’m not gonna be in my son’s life either. Something has to change.”

And I meant it.

So when I finally got out of jail…

I made ONE commitment.

That I was gonna be in my son’s life forever.

And here’s the thing my friend…

EVERYONE has a moment like this.

A moment where they feel like their back is against the wall and they GOTTA make a change…

They NEED to do something different.

Because whatever they’ve been doing up until that point?

It. Ain’t. Working.


I don’t know exactly what that moment was for you?

I don’t know exactly what brought you here.

But that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what you’re gonna do NOW!

Because most people who say “something needs to change” never really follow through with it.

You’ll see them again 6 months later saying the same thing n’ doing the same stuff…

…no further forward than they were when they first said it.

But a small group of people make the COMMITMENT to change.

They take action.

And they chase their goals until they’re successful.

So if that’s you?

If you’ve got that fire inside you right now to grow your business rapidly…

…so that you, your family, and everyone around you can start living better…

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Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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