Gets People Asking YOU When They Can Buy

Wanna know the secret to having people ask YOU how soon they can get started? 

I’ll reveal it to you with an example.

Most people market their offer by inviting their potential clients on an adventure to “paradise”. 

They promise them benefits… 

They promise to fulfill their every desire and wish… 

And they promise a beautiful life AFTER their program.  

But here’s the thing they miss… 

(And if you take this in and USE it, you’ll make MONEY from this one insight alone!)

Your potential clients are in pain RIGHT NOW! 

And until that pain is gone…

They can’t fully focus on dreams and goals and all the rest. 

So talk about the pain FIRST! 

Because if you talk about how you can SOLVE their pain…

Your ideal clients will practically BEG for your help!

I wanna drive this point home so let me put it like this too? 

Imagine your perfect client is a lion (or lioness) with a thorn in their paw.  

It doesn’t matter how great you make your journey to paradise sound… 

That lion ain’t movin’ nowhere with that thorn stickin’ outta their skin. 

Because every single step hurts right now. 

And until you talk to that lion about removing the thorn? 

It ain’t gonna be interested in nothin’ else. 

So talk about the thorn! 

Tell them how you can remove it… 

THEN you can talk about your journey to paradise. 

Get it? 

If you do – go out there and try this in your marketing ASAP.

PAIN first. 

But if you’re ready to dial-in your messaging with our help… 

So you can start attracting your ideal clients EVERY DAY…

And go from wondering how to do this stuff to taking payments and changing your clients lives, because all this client attraction stuff is happening on autopilot? 

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To making your offer easier to sell, 🥂


Marquel Russell

King of Client Attraction

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