How To Turn Clubhouse Into A Client Getting Machine

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that Clubhouse came and took social media by storm over the last year, and why it wasn’t just another distraction for most…

Many savvy entrepreneurs (like myself and our team) used it as part of our strategy to add value and attract clients. In this short and snappy article, I’ll share how we did it and how you can too.

Step #1: Get On The Other Side Of The Cash Register

Let me explain…

Most people sit in Clubhouse for hours per day just jumping from room to room consuming content but never get serious about creating their own room and producing their own content.

This is the classic “Consumer Vs. Producer” mentality!

Most were hypnotized by the appeal of being “in the room” with other celebrities and influencers that they totally missed the opportunity of what Clubhouse presented.

You’re either the “Market” or the “Marketer”; you decide.

Sidenote: We’re all the “Market” at some point, though we don’t have to be the “Market” 100% of the time.

Step #2: Pick Your Mountain

In other words, what’s your specialty you’re going to be known for?

Don’t be the person that’s always talking about something unrelated every time you host a room.

Somehow make all your content connect so now you’re known for ONE thing and now you’re building authority.

Example: When we host our rooms, it’s always around attracting clients, because that’s our super power at Client Attraction University and what we’re the best in the world at.

Step #3: Create A Strategy

Again, most people just get distracted when a new thing, like Clubhouse, becomes available.

When it first opened, we were actually kinda “late” to the party because we didn’t jump on it immediately (even though people were hitting me up daily to join).


Because it wasn’t part of our strategy.

Once we decided how it can tie into our strategy, we dove in.

Here’s Our Strategy:

Firstly, we picked the days we wanted to host rooms.

We first started with once per week…

Then we decided daily…

…and then we settled on Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm (by the time you read this, it will have changed because we’re shifting it).

Secondly, we decided we will go for an hour.

30 minutes of content and then 30 minutes of Q&A.

Then we give a call to action to apply for a Rapid Business Growth Game Plan Call or go dive into any of our free material like The Paid Ad Playbook.

Then we rinse and repeat weekly.

If we’re not hosting a room or guest speaking in a room, we’re not in Clubhouse because it can be a time vampire.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t focus on the numbers.

Most get discouraged because they don’t feel like the number of people in their room is enough and that’s playing a fool’s game.

Never focus on the quantity, focus on the quality and the power of one.

Here’s what I mean by “The Power Of One.”

Even if you’re getting in front of ONE new person every time you host a room or that same ONE person shows up each time, it has an exponential effect, so never despise the days of small beginnings.

Side note: Most of these folks with big rooms and big followings are broke anyway so focus on being impactful and profitable and not popular 🙂 

Aight, this article is getting longer than I expected so that’s it from me for now. 

Bio: Arguably one of the best when it comes to revenue growth for coaches, consultants, and service providers, Marquel Russell is a multimillion-dollar revenue generator, author, rapid business growth strategist, and coach who has earned the title, “King of Client Attraction.” 

His genius lies in his innate talent of drenching clients in a downpour of qualified leads, clients, and profits. His sharp-shooting approach to client attraction has helped coaches and consultants pull in more than $100 million in revenue, billions of ad impressions, and millions of high-quality leads and clients. 

From high school dropout and former drug dealer to multimillion-dollar digital marketer and go-to coach for client-based businesses that want to scale to 7-Figures while working 50% less, Marquel is a walking billboard for the lyrics “started from the bottom now I’m here.”

Visit to see for yourself why so many have crowned him the King of Client Attraction.

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