My Brand NEW Morning Success Ritual

Morning Success Ritual

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Whether you’d call yourself a morning person or ‘the night owl’, everyone has to begin their day at some point. And we all start our day a little differently.

If you want to enjoy a productive day, it’s imperative you make a great start. A solid morning success ritual will help you achieve this and could save you hours of precious time every single week.

In today’s episode, I share with you my brand new morning success ritual. Listen in, take what you will and see how you can create a solid foundation to your morning routine to help you have an amazingly productive day!

Show Highlights:

  • The key to a perfect night’s sleep ([2:50])
  • How to hack your subconscious mind to create automatic success ([4:00])
  • Little trick to wake you up immediately overcome the “snooze button” trap ([4:20])
  • How to become amongst the Top 1% Income earners in your industry
  • The 5 minute journaling hack ([5:40])
  • And much more…

What does your morning success routine look like? Leave a comment below and let us know what value you took from today’s episode.

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Comments on My Brand NEW Morning Success Ritual

  1. Shelley J Ferguson says:

    Great information, thanks for sharing!

    1. marquel says:

      Thx for the feedback

  2. Syllviea Marie says:

    How did you get so dang cool? 🙂

  3. Normally I listen to TD Jakes or a local pastor in the morning, then I listen to a marketing podcast. Then on the drive to the office I have to get crunk lol. So I’ll listen to some hype music R&B or Rap. After that I’ll start to get some work. Of course I have to drop my son off with our care taker earlier in my drive. Which is usually through my marketing podcast.

    I like your ritual because it’s more intentional. Without being too much of a bitter. I’d like to take bits and pieces and make it my own. Is that cool??

    1. marquel says:

      Absolutely, Leland! Feel free my brotha! Let me know how it works for you

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