Personal Story. But It May Help YOU!

A few days ago my therapist and I talked about grief and how I deal with it – specifically talking about my mom and my bro, Redd!

We talked about how some people let doves fly yearly, or some go to the gravesite, or do other rituals.

I said none of that really ever sat well for me personally (…no judgment), because logically I know my mom and bro aren’t there in that grave!


He asked…

“So, how do you commemorate their deaths?”

I thought for a sec…

And then said…

“I do it OUT LOUD daily!”

When growing up one of the things teachers told my mom the most was…

“Marquel has what it takes, he just has to apply himself!”

And my mom used to remind me of that and say “well you can do [whatever the goal or project was]… if you just apply yourself!”

So I told Doc…

“That’s how I do it.

That’s how I commemorate them…



He told me he felt that personally… and asked me to share with others, cuz it may help them as well.

So, here you have it. Hope it helps you in any way! 🙂

– Marquel

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