Should I Have Been A Model?

What’s up my friend,

I’m about to join Sunday service with my friend Pastor D…

(Who btw has a DOPE clothing brand, and had me as a “model” a few weeks ago. Pics at the bottom of the email!)

But, I wanted to drop this quick email to remind you that the first price increase for the Rapid Business Growth Blueprint happens tonight at midnight EST…

I say “FIRST increase,” because the price will increase again next week.

So, if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet and don’t want to pay more later…


==> Grab Your “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” Ticket At Just $47 Before Midnight

In case you’ve been in Sunday mode the whole week and still don’t know what the Rapid Business Growth Blueprint is…

It’s a SHORTCUT to Sales Momentum!


Instead of going through endless modules in outdated courses that only cover one tactic — either ads, or sales, or emails, or pricing…

Instead of going through 10-day challenges where the CORE content is diluted and long winded…

We give you MORE practical breakthroughs than most “$$$ courses”, and FASTER than any challenge out there.

Give us ONE MORNING and walk away with the full blueprint of a 7-Figure Client Attraction System


==> Grab Your “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” Ticket At Just $47 Before Midnight


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction & Part-Time Model” LOL 👇🏿


PS: As I mentioned, Pastor D also has a DOPE clothing brand. Check it out below, and reply if you want a plug;)

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