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Today’s tip is EASILY worth six figures — in the right hands — so read every word!

I see so many coaches, experts, and thought leaders when speaking to potential prospects talk primarily about WHAT THEY DO.

But, this is the equivalent of only talking about “the airplane” and not the “destination”.

And let me ask you…

Have you ever booked a flight somewhere only because you wanted to be on an airplane for 6 hours?

Probably not!

The reason you booked that flight was to get to the desired destination.

And I get it, we love what we do! That’s why we can get WAY too excited about HOW we work with our clients.

We go out there and we talk about our product and services…

We talk about our “methods”, our 6 step system, our qualifications, or degrees, etc.

But our “certifications” or “proven system” won’t get nobody weak at the knees, you feel me?


Our clients, and your clients, are SELFISH, and they only care about TWO things.

The PROBLEMS they have.

The RESULTS they want.


They don’t care about how you work with them…

… They care about the outcomes you can create for them, so:

“STOP talking about what you do, and start talking about what OUTCOMES you provide.”

(And join me << over here >> to help you with your messaging and much, much more)

Picture this…

You’re at a networking event chatting with someone.

Eventually you ask “What do you do?”

They say “I’m an event planner.”

You talk for a little while and then excuse yourself.

Several minutes later you’re chatting with another person and you ask the same question: “What do you do?”

They reply: “I help solopreneurs run wildly profitable virtual events, without them lifting a finger… even if they’re not tech savvy or have never done one before.”

Which one are you going to keep talking to? Or think about friends to refer friends to? Or add on social media to keep in your circle for when the time comes?


Truth is they are both “event planners.”

The difference is one talked about the airplane and the other talked about a destination (and even about a specific kind of passenger)

So, sure, everybody wants to charge premium prices…

But again, this is the secret to actually getting people spending on premium programs:

Talk about the destination and not the airplane in ALL your marketing.

And if you need help clarifying exactly how to do that?

>>> Meet me LIVE on April 16th at The “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” Virtual Workshop


I’ll give you a few exercises to dial in your magnetic messaging (among many other areas) and answer all your questions.

You’ll leave with full clarity and confidence on how to create, price, market, and sell your premium coaching program to premium clients.

That’s ^^^ the destination. The workshop is the airplane;-)


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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