Tale Of Two Experts

Once upon a time…

There were 2 men who shared the same skills to help people in an important area of their life.

And both were READY to build a business around their expertise.

The first expert, Generalist John, wanted to help as many people as possible. 

So he created an offer & messaging that suited everyone in his niche.

When he told people what he did… 

It sounded great. 

But in the back of his mind… 

He could FEEL that something was still “fuzzy” about it. 

It was like he wasn’t sure what he did himself

Let alone what anyone else thought. 

The result? 

An uphill battle. 

He struggled to attract people to his offer.  

And those he did attract were bad fits and did nothing but waste his time & energy. 

So Generalist John blamed his marketing and advertising methods and hopped from course to course… 

Desperately searching for the next tactic that would help him find clients. 

The second expert, Specific Stephen, came to CAU…

And with our help, chose ONE group of people. 

He crafted his offer to solve their problem and ONLY their problem. 

Then he created messaging that called out to them like a bullhorn in a crowded room. 

And, what d’ya know? 

Specific Stephen attracted leads and clients every single day who begged to pay him $$$$’s for his help. 

…and as a result… 

He scaled happily ever after:)


I know most people like to think of themselves as the second expert in this story… 

(And I’m not getting at you if you KNOW you’re a Generalist John right now)

But I’ve put this fictional story here to highlight that people do this EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They put together an offer for a group of people… 

Then their good hearts take over and they try to serve AS MANY people as possible instead. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that…

That’s what makes coaches & experts so amazing! 

Their hearts are in the right place.

But by being “general” and purposefully trying to talk to EVERYONE… 

You actually end up talking to no one. 

That’s why one of the FIRST steps we take with our clients is getting them SUPER clear on WHO they want to serve and HOW they can serve them.

Because those 2 steps alone will feel like a quantum leap in your progress. 

You’ll go from being unclear about everything and unsure what step to take next…

To a clarity & confidence that few entrepreneurs EVER reach! 

>>> Give Me What You Gave Specific Stephen!


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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