The Results Are IN

The results are IN

A few weeks ago we ran a survey asking you for feedback on the topic for our next training… and here are the top 5 responses! 👇

So we’ve decided to do a FREE training covering three of the topics in that top-5 list:

➤ “Client Attraction,” talking about magnetic messaging and the best channels for that message.

➤ “Lead Generation,” talking about paid and organic strategies to turn those who you attract into warm leads.


➤ “Getting Started with Ads.” Pretty self explanatory:) Click-by-click instructions on how to set up and run paid campaigns with Facebook™ ads.

So, you’re invited to join me LIVE this Thursday, February 24th, at 12 PM EST 📆 as we go over…

>> “The Hybrid Marketing Strategy That Gets Coaches Maximum Leads And Clients In Minimum Time”

Look forward to seeing you at the masterclass!


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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