The Three Little Coaches


Once upon a time…

There were three little coaches fresh out of a program (or job) that gave them the necessary skills to help people in a critical area of their life.

Now they were ready to become independent and build a business around their expertise!

The first coach, Dreamer Danny, quickly found a “magical” and “quick” online tactic which was promised to be the solution to all his business problems.

… The only magical thing about it was the vanishing act that her leads and clients were pulling on him.

… The only quick thing about it was how quickly he went back to being lost and clueless… and on to try the next magical, quick thing.

The second coach, Woo-Woo Wendy…

Immediately started creating her vision board, started a manifestation trend she saw on TikTok, bought frankincense to go with her meditations, and posted lifestyle pics everyday (…. with awesome quotes of stuff she had read, but never done.)

The “universe” manifested her first client (a.k.a. her cousin, out of low-key pity, told a few friends about her… and one decided to give it a try).

Woo-Woo Wendy’s ecstasy turned into desperation after the “universe” didn’t manifest any other clients in months… and wondered why her lifestyle pics were not doing the trick.



The third coach, Solid Sally…

She decided to become a specialist on a given niche, because they had a painful problem that she solved.

She created a no-brainer offer around her knowledge, and a program with a price point that allowed her to SERVE at the highest level and scale at the same time.

She polished her messaging, her mindset, took the time to learn how to run ads, and how to sell over the phone…

She created a solid online foundation; had a funnel, an email platform, everything connected to her calendar…

And, what do you know? All these unsexy good ‘ol tactics “manifested” leads and clients for her on the DAILY!

… And she scaled happily ever after:)


And now you’re probably thinking…

“Why is Marquel telling me this? I’m not Dreamer Danny… I’m not Woo-Woo Wendy!”

I know. Of course you are not.

Go be like Solid Sally then.

“Well, about that… I’m actually not sure where to begin. How can I make my offer better? How can I charge more and still get business? How do I run ads? How do I polish my messaging? How do I integrate all these online tools?”

Ohh… ok, chill. We got you.

>>> Actually… “Solid Sally”s launch and scale their coaching businesses with us;)


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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