This is a Wonderful Day

“This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.”

In the same spirit as the quote above from Maya Angelou, I could honestly say that every day is like Thanksgiving for us.

It’s supposed to be a special celebration for the harvest and abundance, but we reap in abundance all year round, and give thanks all year round. Nothing new today:)

Still, this is one of my favorite holidays because it doesn’t matter what country, what culture or what background you come from…

➤ Gratitude has no downside. No need to worry about being “too grateful” towards the people in our lives.

➤ Gratitude scales. You can say it to one or many with the same effort. Just a couple words and a bit of air… topped off with some action.

➤ Gratitude transforms. It turns what we have into enough. Problems into lessons. Any relationship into a better one.

➤ Gratitude is like a seed! The more you sow and plant it in people, the bigger the harvest of even more reasons to be grateful.

So, to God, my wife, kids, friends, family, clients, team members, you, and literally everybody that this may reach…

Simply thank you.

Life is good because of y’all.


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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