Two Popular Myths About Social Media

Many entrepreneurs think that ads are expensive and a waste of time. But placing ads increases your revenue.

And if you want to maximize your ads’ return, you have to measure its profitability.

There are some myths about ads that hold people back from placing ads.

So how do you dispel these myths?

Listen now to discover how you overcome these myths and get the profitability on your ads that you want.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why scaling your ads fail to hit your financial targets (even if your ads are profitable) ([1:04])
  • How keeping your ads at a pre-tax, profitability rate of 30% or more skyrockets your business ([2:02])
  • Why targeting different demographics with the same ad limits your ad’s profitability ([2:53])
  • How focusing on your message in your ad makes you the most amount of money the ad can make ([3:37])

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Do You Prefer Video? If So, Here You Go! Enjoy…

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