Underpaid Experts Explained

Meet Regina and Samantha (fictional, yet REAL characters.)

Both are relationship coaches.

Regina charges $100/hr for coaching couples.

She works with clients for 3-4 months on average.

Sessions are weekly.

So, she makes $1.2k on average per couple.

Samantha on the other hand?

She charges $10k for her 12-week program.

… Which means she makes almost 9x as Regina for doing the “same” thing.

What’s the difference between the two?

It’s the same reason why most coaches and consultants tend to be underpaid.

Experts who put a price tag on what they DO always tend to make less than those who understand the value of the outcome their clients GET.

In a vacuum, $100/hrs is “a lot.”

Instead, what’s the price of saving a relationship?

Sparing the couple from legal expenses, alimony, children’s trauma, stress and depression, moving out…

… Allowing them to continue to build memories together, watch grandchildren grow, know they can get through anything, have a lesson to share with others, and find out how to bring joy to each other for years to come?

That’s literally priceless.

$10k is almost an “accountability fee” for the couple to commit and follow through.

(The only “trick” here is that your thing must work! Your service, program, product, software must deliver the outcome you promise!)

This is applicable for virtually any area of expertise or service.

Experts who understand this should never be underpaid.

They will attract a different quality of customer, deliver better transformations, and hit their income goals faster (cuz it’s faster to hit e.g. 6-figures in $10k chunks than in $100 chunks.)

Make sense?


If you “get it” but are still underpaid and struggling to attract the type of clients who will value what you have… let us help with that.

Maybe it’s a messaging problem, maybe it’s an offer problem, maybe it’s an ads problem, maybe it’s a mindset problem…

We can help you with alladat 👇

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