Want My Book, Condensed In ONE Day?

About a week ago we finished an exclusive promotion of my book “The Millionaire Expert!”

Over those two weeks, we also delivered a whole EXPERIENCE for you, guiding you through lessons, examples, and homework to implement the whole thing.

The feedback we got was AMAZING, and we’re now thinking of how to put it in an “evergreen” web format…

But this about something else!

So, if you got the book, you know that you have a complimentary ticket to the next “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” virtual event.


Don’t miss it! I’ll be great for you, and will help you cement and IMPLEMENT all the concepts that you got on the book and bonuses.

Now, if you didn’t get the book, or didn’t participate in “The Millionaire Expert Experience”, because two weeks was too long, or you prefer “drinking from the firehose,” instead of having it piecemeal, or whatever the case may be…

Then, let’s COMPRESS the whole book and bonuses in ONE MORNING!

Join me and Dre on April 16th 📆 and let us give you the only system required to rapidly grow your expert business, and attract clients daily, that happily pay premium princess with virtually no sales resistance.

>>> RSVP: The “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” LIVE Bootcamp


We’ll help you with:

✅ Your message

✅ Your price

✅ Your offer

✅ Your program structure

✅ Your ads strategy

✅ Your mindset to run it all

✅ And more!

We also have a few giveaways for those who show up LIVE!

So, click below grab your spot and mark April 16th on your calendar 👇🏿

“I’m Ready For Rapid Growth!”

Look forward to seeing you there!

Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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