22 Lessons to Start 2022 Wiser

As we get ready to welcome the next year…

I want to leave you with 22 lessons to start 2022 a bit wiser.

#1 If there’s a popular magazine (or Reddit thread, or YT channel, or FB group, etc) on a given topic, you can make money as a consultant/expert in that niche.

#2 “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” If you know, you know. So, always cover your butt!

#3 “Would you rather be right or rich?” Don’t let your ego stand in the way from executing good ideas that might not be yours.

#4 “You get what you tolerate.” Simple as that. E.g. Want to get more clients? Don’t tolerate going to bed even ONE night without doing something for lead gen.
Same applies for health, relationships, etc.

#5 Once all your bills are paid, You need a MISSION to take you beyond that.

#6 You’re ALWAYS worth more than you think. Clients WILL pay it, when you decide you’re worthy of it.

#9 You don’t need to be the most expert of experts. You just need to “beat the bear” and be ahead of your client on their own timeline.

      Said another way, “You just have to be one chapter ahead of the student!”

#10 It’s ALWAYS better to let your clients do your bragging for you.

#11 Those who “just show up” consistently often win against the “flakey superstar.”

#12 If you NEED validation to move forward, you’ll ALWAYS be eating #1s dust 💨

#13 Whatever problem you THINK you have, somebody is succeeding BECAUSE of it.

#14 If you listen to what people say you should do (friends, family, peers) you’ll probably end up like them. So choose wisely who you listen to.

#15 If you’re not SUPER excited to do what you do for a living, you are DEFINITELY doing it wrong.

#16 REAL men DO ask for directions. (Women do it more easily, that’s why they ROCK at business and get the ROIs on their investment in coaching).

#17 Argue for your limitations, and eventually you get to keep them forever…

#18 Sucky events are part of life. SUFFERING is up to you.

#19 Put stuff in writing whenever you can. Sooner or later, people will disappoint you.

#20 Don’t fret over paying taxes. Celebrate REACHING higher tax brackets.

#21 The 900-day picture tells more than the 90-day one. Almost anyone can have a good couple of months. Few can have a good couple of years.

#22 At first, do less, better — “Scaling” is not always the answer. If you’re just starting. You don’t need to run ads, you need to get great at something and then get great at getting your clients RESULTS.

If you’ve produced solid results for a few clients (or even for yourself if you’re your own first “client”), then you can think of systemizing your client attraction.

And whaddayaknow… we’re going to show you how! 👇

​==> Client Attraction Made Easy (a private early bird link is in the comment section below)!

Go ahead and put some of these lessons into practice already 😉

Choose wisely who you listen to, be willing to accept directions, learn how to charge premium prices, and don’t tolerate going another year without realizing your full personal and business potential.

Here’s to the best year of your life! 🍾

Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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