What’s the Hardest Part About Your Program?

What’s the Hardest Part About Your Program

Someone once asked me…  

“What’s the hardest part about your program?” (referring to the C.A.U. coaching program) 🧐

My answer was: “You’re the hardest part!” (meaning us as individuals) 

The biggest hindrance to our success is typically us getting in our own way (…mentally)! 💯

Building a 6 or 7-Figure business (or a business at any level) is 90% (if not more) mindset and 10%(or less) the tactical “how-to” stuff!

Our limiting, subconscious beliefs about money, our potential, if people will pay us, can I do this, am I worthy and the list goes on is the HARDEST thing about being successful in any business or coaching program. 🤔

I’ve seen it more times than I can remember…

Two people can be getting the same information and applying it and the biggest differentiator in the one that’s getting massive results…

…and the one that’s getting mediocre at best results, is the mindset each individual is in when they consume and apply the information.

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To More Profit, Freedom & Impact,

Marquel Russell 🙂

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